how it works

nüurdle is the unique dating app that puts you in control. Find someone special based on real life attraction and instant chemistry!

Flirting with someone but too shy to say hi? Create a nüurdle of your encounter to reach out and re-connect in moments. Your nüurdle discloses absolutely nothing about you, you simply describe your encounter with the other person. 

find someone

The other person can find your nüurdle within seconds, read your description and post back a response. Better yet they can engage nüurdleMe mode to receive an instant alert the moment you create a nüurdle. No need to even search, they just use the find here and now option and there's your nüurdle!

take control - my nüurdles

nüurdle lets you track all your nüurdles and responses. You are in complete control of whom you interact with; you can accept or reject responses and even block someone should you wish

Set the age groups and genders with which you'd like to interact, only those people will be able to find and respond to your nüurdles.

connect and chat

Responses to nüurdles should be from the person you shared a moment with. If their description of your encounter rings true, you accept. nüurdle will then connect the pair of you to chat in total privacy.

nüurdleMe mode

nüurdleMe mode lets you receive instant alerts when someone in close proximity creates a nüurdle. Nothing about you or your location is ever made known to any other users of nüurdle, you simply get to see their nüurdles as they create them and can choose to respond. All in complete anonymity.

rewind time

Lingering 'if only' feelings from yesterday? Hazy memories of instant attraction and flirting from last night? No problem, jump onto nüurdle and create a nüurdle in the past. tell nüurdle where and when, provide your description and submit.

With nüurdle you never miss an opportunity again!